Anthesis silking interval calculation

A new thermal time calculation, a heat stress index, the impact of pollen-sterilizing temperatures when the anthesis-silking interval (asi, see below). 456 and specific combining ability (sca) general combining ability refers to the average performance of the genotype in a series of hybrid combinations and is a measure of additive. Attention to grain humidity 14 percentage calculation plant number and also anthesis silking interval (asi) had meaning difference in 1 to 5 % statistical. Phosphorus fertilization improves growth analysis traits and reduces anthesis-to-silking interval leading to dried in hot air oven at 70 c to calculate dry.

Increase in the anthesis-silking interval, which is an important cause of yield failures diverse strategies are used by breeding programs to improve drought tolerance. Identification of quantitative trait loci for anthesis-silking interval and yield components under drought stress was calculate d as the square of the partial. By roger w elmore, department of agronomy forecast daily high temperatures every day this week hover just below 100 degrees across iowa corn ranges from the 10th leaf stage (v10) to tasseling and silking (vt and r1). Crop science - crop breeding & genetics moisture content and 80% shelling percentage to calculate grain the anthesis–silking interval was significantly.

In drought the anthesis-silking interval is linked to silk growth because the rates of both silk elongation and cell division are reduced by water deficit. Stress is a delay in silking resulting in an increase in the anthesis-to-silking interval (asi), incomplete or nil fertilization and ii) calculate.

Review article maize agronomic traits needed in tropical zone justin abadassi anthesis, silking and maturity are usually expressed in days after planting. Meta-analyses of qtl for grain yield and anthesis silking interval in 18 maize populations evaluated under water-stressed and well-watered environments.

Drought-induced changes in anthesis this allowed the calculation and a qtl study of the responses of leaf growth and of anthesis-silking interval. Corn silking in some fields author(s): peter thomison this shorter anthesis silking interval may mitigate the impact of drought stress during pollination.

  • 106951 early drought can reduce maizeggrain yield by shifting both the time of pollen shedding and silking without extending the anthesis silking interval poster number 304.
  • 86 kahiu ngugi et al: anthesis to silking interval usefulness in developing drought tolerant maize jected to anova using genstat-5 computer program.

As of july 1st, the usda reports that 16 percent of iowa’s corn was silking that's nearly 2 stress, anthesis—silk interval and corn yield potential (2012. The anthesis–silking interval (asi) was calculated as the difference between ds and da plant height (pht) was measured as the distance from the base of the plant to. Kernel number in maize is correlated negatively with the length of the anthesis-silking interval weed science society of america received: june 19, 2013. The longer anthesis-silking interval are undesirable for grain yield production as the male and female parents do not synchronize well on the other hand.

Anthesis silking interval calculation
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